The Applied Chemical Ecology Technology (ACET) is a lab based at Cornell Agritech in Geneva, New York. We specialize in integrating technology and agriculture. With expertise in chemical ecology, plant physiology, agronomy, agricultural engineering, data science, entomology, nematology and computer science, we are actively bringing new technologies to upstate New York and beyond.

Denis Willett

Our Fearless Leader


Denis S Willett is an Assistant Professor in the Applied Chemical Ecology Technology program at Cornell University. He has a background in plant ecology, data science, human-centered design and chemical ecology. His research is focused on understanding the mechanisms and implications of communication in agro-ecosystems. He loves numbers and enjoys inventing new words.

Camila Cramer Filgueiras

Agricultural Expert


Camila Cramer Filgueiras is a Research Associate in the Applied Chemical Ecology Technology program at Cornell University. She has a background in agricultural engineering, ethnobotany, entomology, and chemical ecology. Her research is focused on understanding the role of plant defense pathways in mediating multi-trophic communication in agro-ecosystems. She considers insects beautiful, nematodes charismatic, and plants sentient beings.

Bo Holladay

Interdisciplinary Specialist


Bo is the lab manager for the team. He has backgrounds in entomology, computer science and technology, making him uniquely positioned to run our lab. He also has a modicum of artistic ability, creating graphics and designs for ACET. His artistic ability and computational skill drives the graphic and website design for ACET. He also runs the lab’s analytical chemistry instrumentation and optimizes the lab’s data pipelines.

Ramom Vasconcelos Pereira

Colony Guru and Master’s Student


Ramom is a visiting scholar in the ACET lab. He studied agriculture at the Federal University of Lavras - Brazil. During his master’s degree in Entomology, he has worked with biostimulants and plant-insect-microorganism interactions. He is experienced in insect ecology and biology and is excited to create new insect rearing methods from organisms collected in the field and discovering how to establish the colony in the laboratory.

Adalvan Martins

Plant Ph.D. and Visiting Scholar


Adalvan is from Minas Gerais in Brazil. He is a visiting scholar with a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, a Master’s from the Federal University of Viçosa and a Ph.D. in Plant/Crop Science from the Federal University of Lavras. He has always been fascinated with understanding how plants work, how they grow, and how they interact with the environment. Currently, he is expanding his research field by integrating the interaction of plants with biotic factors, especially insects, microorganisms, and entomopathogenic nematodes.

Annette Kang

Ph.D. Candidate


Annette is a first year PhD candidate. She comes from a background of looking at Hymenopteran neuroanatomy and how environmental pressures inform development. She is currently studying the soil ecology and the dynamic changes that follow flickering and critical transition phases in soil communities.

Matthew Barrett

Ph.D. Candidate


Matt is a first-year Ph.D. candidate. His undergraduate background is in insect behavior and neurochemistry. His current research will focus on a mixture of plant-insect interactions, plant-pollinator interactions, and floral chemistry in Cucurbitaceae systems.